To all travellers,long and short hault. To the weary, the wise and bleary-eyed.To the suits, weekenders, fashion bagger, working moms s and affair-havers. To the explorers, adventurers, yacht owners and dreamers.To all locals of the world from Boston to Monaco and Guatemala. 

To all who are independent yet united in a desire for positive travelling, thriving in business and culture awareness.

To all mobile citizens of the world,



About Me


My background


Hello!  my name is Marcela! I’m an avid traveler who is passionate about all the amazingness that lies at the intersection of business, cultures and relationship building. I was born in Guatemala, but I have had the great luck to have lived and traveled all over the world including Miami,Dubai, London, Boston and currently living in Monaco. 

 This combined experiences propelled my career in business development consulting and also enabled me to run my own business. 

As a consultant I travel and work a lot, which has helped me gain valuable experience and knowledge I would love to share with the world!

I am a proud mom of a beautiful daughter which makes gives me strength to be a WORKING MOM kicking ass! 


How I got started

I started working as a global sales rep for a yachting company that allowed me to travel the work for business (which I combined with pleasure exploratory weekends :)) 

Then I stayed in the yachting Industry however all my jobs require extensive travel so I decided to share my knowledge and insights with the world with my travel adventures and business insights I learn every day! 

There are millions of travel bloggers but not so many 'Business Travel' Bloggers Since I lived in a plane and hotels, I started snap-chatting (back in the time) and sharing my tips, and then it evolved to Instagram as a hobby to do while I was alone travelling the world for businesss. 




I have an MBA from Hult International Business School in Boston, which is rated ‘the most international University and a Bachelor in Science in Business Administration (BSBA) from the International University of Monaco.

I have a huge interest in cultures therefore I speak six languages (Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese and German) 

I am the founder and first president  of Young Professionals in Yachting Monaco; where we shared the vision of networking of young ethical professionals to share yachting knowledge. My business acumen and yachting passion, fold well together with our vision to improve the yachting industry from an ethical responsible and more sustainable approach.

I am currently a Business Development Consultant in the Yachting Industry, representing ICON Yachts, mega yacht builders. I am based in Monaco but represent the shipyard worldwide. 



I am proud to be one of the co-founders of AMLA (Association Monegasque pour l'Amerique Latine) A non-profit Association with aim to promote socio-cultural exchange between Latin American countries and the Principality of Monaco. 

Five Monaco Residents of Latin origin who decided to make an impact in the world and organize events to help the countries we come from.