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Hello!  my name is Marcela! I’m an avid traveler who is passionate about all the amazingness that lies at the intersection of business, cultures and relationship building. I was born in Guatemala, but I have had the great luck to have lived and traveled all over the world. I studied in Boston where I got my MBA. This combined experiences propelled my career in business development consulting and also enabled me to run my own business. As a consultant I travel and work a lot, which has helped me gain valuable experience and knowledge I would love to share with the world!

How I got started

I started working as a global sales rep for a yachting company that allowed me to travel the work for business (which I combined with pleasure exploratory weekends :)) 

Then I stayed in the yachting Industry however all my jobs require extensive travel so I decided to share my knowledge and insights with the world with my travel adventures and business insights I learn every day! 

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