Yachting and Yacht Owners overview:

OK now, lets talk about RUSSIA. 

As you know, Russia is the largest country in the world,  yet it has only 2% of the shipbuilding market.Russia has delivered just 24 superyachts from 11 shipyards and the “latest” yacht delivery was in 2015. I actually visited Moscow yacht show in 2010 and ended up in jail (but that deserves a separate blog post!) in this post we will talk about yachting in Russia and Russian yacht owners.

Superyachts seldom visit Russia. In 2020 only 27 superyachts visited Russia (compared to yachts 1,288 visiting France) In normal years they have around 400 yachts visiting, however, the most popular places for yachting in that area are Helsinki and Tallinn. When not cruising in the baltics,  Russians love Turkey, Croatia, Montenegro, Greece (and those economies really heavily on russian tourism!) 

Do you know where do the top yacht owners come from? For superyachts of over 60 meters, Russians are the second rank of ownership after Americans. The Top four wealthiest countries now are Germany, China, US and Russia.  Watch out for zie Germans guys, they are booming lately and love yachting!

In 2000 a fter the “Russian Boom” where an average russian citizen was 2x richer than before, and they all went ala-Kanye West on spending and investing; in 2020 they summed up to a total of 102 billionaires in Rusland!

The only downside in Russia is that there is (not yet but coming) the right infrastructure, marinas, lack of fueling stations, yacht agents, yacht clubs, technical services, facilities, etc. The good news is that investments are being made, for example the Yacht Club of St Petersburg has just completed its new marina in a developing business district which will also house the Gazprom headquarters (I cant wait to visit!)

To learn more about yacht owners check chapter 3 of the book: The Superyacht Industry :

Now tell me in the comments: 

What do you think of the russian market? How many yachts can you name that are russian owned? Have they gone quiet in 2020? 

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Superyacht Investor with Marcela’s commentary.

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  1. Paul says:

    Sorry but a little ridiculous, are you selling something, Russian seascapes aren’t a thing!? Russia has very little waterfront if you discount the Arctic Circle, Vladivostok is a Navy Base and very few people and NOT really a destination, St Petersburg is a destination and now they have a marina, ok, . . . and then there is the Black Sea and the Navy Base at Crimea (Russia gained Crimea from the Ottoman Turks on 21 July 1774, the Ottoman Empire signed the Treaty of Küçük Kaynarca, i.e. before the Americans took the USA from the English (4th July 1776, FYI), so only Sochi is a actual destination there really in that sea.
    But this ignoring the point that a lot of Russians with Superyachts are “thanks” to Yeltsin and the theft of commune property (that never was, as always under control/profit by “Party” members, another Elite screwing over the Citoyens). The Russian State has, since those “dodgy transfers”, been recovering the some of these various properties back to Russian State Control rather than accepting the Oligarchy Pillage. The Russian Oligarchy owning floating assets of value outside of Russia makes sense for those people and yes they won’t be visiting Russia often via Superyacht transport! Russian shipyards are mostly Navy Yards and Ice breakers (!) since Peter the Great, there has never been a tradition of Superyachts! Nevertheless there are about 550 USA Oligarchy billionaires (the biggest and worst Oligarchy by far), 450 Chinese billionaires and 100 Russian billionaires out of 2000+ billionaires overall (round figures) : and if you are buying a Superyacht then Russia never had and doesn’t really have the infrastructure, you would choose somewhere else to build!


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